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Come add a member to your pack in a fresh, inviting, fun space in L.A. on August 24th and 25th! Our Pup Up hosts will match you with the perfect new family member. Before your leave, a BarkCare vet will give you a guided tour through puppydom– consulting you on health, wellness, and training.  

All puppies will  be certifiably adorable, and ready to consume the next years of your life with antics, training, snuggles, kisses and ruv! Oh yeah, and each adopted pup comes with an in-home training session, 3 months of BarkBoxes and 6 months of 24/7 BarkCare!


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8101 W. 3rd St.
Los Angeles, CA


Saturday August 24, 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Sunday August 25, 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM

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Who organized this event?

This pop up was organized by Bark & Co, also the minds behind BarkBox and BarkCare and our partner rescues: Social Tees West Coast Chapter, Wags and Walks and other NKLA coalition rescues.

Where did you get these puppies?

Bark & Co worked with Social Tees West Coast ChapterWags and Walks and other NKLA coalition rescues to “source” these dogs from L.A. shelters.

Why only puppies?

There are a lot of puppies that need homes in the summer months. We’ve scooped a bunch up and put them all in one place to get as many as we can adopted in one weekend.

Note: We’ve actually snuck in a few adult dogs into the event, since some may think they want a puppy, and then discover an older dog might fit their lifestyle even better.

What kind of puppies will be there? 

Big, tiny, smart, silly, brown, black, brindle, white ones – and one who is all of those things (ok well maybe not tiny)!

Who took that amazing photo up there?
Dog photographer extraordinaire, Hilary Benas!

How much does it cost to adopt a puppy?

The fee is $500. This covers…

* Up to date vaccinations
* Spay/neuter
* Microchip
* 6 months of free 24/7 vet services via BarkCare
* 3 months of BarkBoxes - delivered to your door!
* 1 in-home training session with a Bark Busters trainer
* A bag full of goodies from awesome companies like Rosie’s Barkery, Flight 001, Bocce’s Bakery
* Oh yeah, and one amazing little dog that will make your life unbelievably fun and full of snuggles!

However, the cost of getting a new puppy does cost more than this! Remember, most have more sets of vaccinations to get, may get a bump or bruise, may need lots of grooming, training classes, dog walking – not to mention spoiling with treats, toys and goodies! The minimum cost of the first year? Nearly $3,000.

A big great dane sized thank you and high paw to the dog lovers at